Tim Agapas: A ‘Professional’ Polar Plunger!

Dr. Tim Agapas has been involved with the Polar Plunge since 2015 and will have completed six plunges as of 2021. Tim initially became involved with Special Olympics Ontario when Kingston Police Service hosted the Special Olympics Ontario Provincial Games. “The local dental society organized us into teams, and we provided dental examinations for the athletes,” said Tim. Tim was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, charisma and dedication the athletes displayed – their motivation and drive is what led Tim to continue his involvement for years to come! 

Some time later, Tim was invited by Gavin Cosgrove and Dr. Tom Holmes to join the Professionals Polar Plunge team! “I was excited to be able to make a more direct contribution to the Special Olympics cause,” said Tim.  

Raising funds through Polar Plunge is important to Tim as it grants athletes the opportunity to utilize Special Olympics programming. Tim noted, “I believe that our sponsors appreciate that the majority of their donations go directly to the athletes and the programs.”  

As a team, the Professionals have raised $13,295 thus far (as of February 22, 3 PM EST). Tim is currently leading the team with $5,500 in fundraising dollars. Thank you to Tim and the entire Professionals team for your continued support!