Ron Caudle Is Still Freezin’ For A Reason

Ron Caudle has been involved with the Polar Plunge event for three years. In his first Polar Plunge year, Ron was encouraged by Chief Bryan Larkin to participate in the event to help support Special Olympics Ontario (SOO). “How do you say no to the Chief?” said Ron.  

 Since then, Ron has continued participating in the Polar Plunge event. Last year, when Waterloo was set to host the SOO Provincial Spring Games, Ron was on the committee to help raise funds for the games. Leading by example, Ron pledged to jump into freezing water again to raise money and asked all of his family, friends and business associates to help him achieve his goal. Ron said, “the results were outstanding; a lot of people wanted to see me freeze!”  

 Both physically and mentally, participating in the Polar Plunge event has been a great experience for Ron. “It personally feels so good to complete the jump and it’s very rewarding to know you have helped out a great cause.”  

Prior to his involvement with SOO, Ron said he never really knew the true function of the Games. That changed quite quickly once Ron met SOO athletes and their families! “The Games mean the world to them in so many ways and, now that I know that, I will forever help them in achieving their dreams, said Ron.  

 Meeting and interacting with SOO athletes has been a memory Ron held onto while participating in Polar Plunge events. “It’s funny, I thought I was there helping them but, it turns out, they inspired me,” said Ron. Ron will miss seeing the athletes this year in person but it isn't stopping him from raising awareness and funds for the athletes this year – when they need it most.

For those getting involved with Polar Plunge this year, Ron encourages all to get to know whom you are helping and why. Visiting the Special Olympics Ontario online virtual events and definitely in person when it is safe to do so. Ron says, “that will be enough to inspire you to plunge!”  

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