Police Week Spotlight: Kevin Selwood

Name: Kevin Selwood
Service/Agency: York Regional Police
Rank/Title: Detective Constable
Years with LETR: 7

How did you first get involved with LETR?
I attended LETR events in 2009-2010 while with Port Hope Police Service. Upon transferring to YRP I became involved through members who were attending events including the Torch Run and Polar Plunge. I joined the LETR committee with YRP in 2019and became a zone coordinator in 2023. I volunteer my time with the FAN program in Newmarket, which caters to vulnerable members of the community, coordinating events such as police facility tours and activities.

What has kept you involved in LETR to this day?
The happiness and joy of the athletes is something that is contagious and brings perspective. Supporting the athletes and being involved in these events motivates me to want to do more and provide more platforms for the athletes to succeed and perform.

What does Special Olympics mean to you?
Special Olympics is very important to me, the perspective provided by being a part of LETR and the humility, combined with being able to share in their successes and achievements while witnessing their joy of participating is one of my greatest pleasures.

What is your favourite memory (or memories) during your involvement with LETR/SO?
Being the MC for our local LETR is very special to me, and having athletes stand with me and say the oath.

Why should others get involved with the LETR?
The support for the LETR is unwavering but can always be more. Seeing the participants gain such happiness from our support is an amazing gratifying feeling.