March 1st – Join us in saying there’s #NoGoodWay

Alongside Community Partners, Special Olympics Canada and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, we’ve teamed up to encourage Canadians to eliminate the use of the R-word!

We believe that most Canadians, will gladly stop using the R-word, once they understand the pain it causes. So we’re asking them to eliminate the word from their vocabulary and to share the #NOGOODWAY story with their friends, family and peers. And that’s where we need your help.

How can you support on March 1st?
1) Click here to like the #NOGOODWAY Facebook page
2) Share the official #NOGOODWAY video (available on our Facebook page March 1st)
3) Update your social media cover pages with our logos & banners on March 1st – click here to download!
4) Encourage your company, family and friends to share the #NOGOODWAY story!



The #NOGOODWAY for Special Olympics Campaign aims to end the use of the R-word (retard) in everyday conversation. Special Olympics athletes have voiced how harmful the use of the R-word is to them. We are committed to supporting Special Olympics athletes and those living with an intellectual disability. Join us in this anti-bullying movement to eliminate the use of the R-word by sharing #NOGOODWAY through your social media channels on March 1st.

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