Lt. Ted Farr (Ret)

Ted began his 30+ years of volunteering with the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) back in 1988 and instantly formed an unbreakable bond with his fellow officers and more importantly, the athletes of Special Olympics.

Ted’s first experience that ‘set the hook’ and sent him on over three decades of volunteering with Special Olympics was a Final Leg in Ottawa and he never looked back.  Ted proudly contributed to the program each and every year and attended many workshops, runs, mall tolls and international conferences along the way.

Ted was a driving force in connecting the Peterborough Police, Smiths Falls Police and Central East Correctional Centre staff in the Annual Torch Run and helped organize barbeques, t-shirt sales and baseball games with the athletes.  All that aside, what Ted particularly took a shining to was the Annual Easter Road and mall tolls (in his pink bunny ears!) which consistently has raised over $30,000 every single year making it the most successful toll fundraiser for Special Olympics Ontario.  When cars approached Ted at his favorite exit, which he manned every year he, would playfully yell “get the net!”

Ted never asked for anything in return. He never sought acknowledgment or accolades but despite his best efforts to fly under the radar; he was presented with the Award of Honour in 2010 in recognition of his substantial contributions to the LETR and Special Olympics.  Additionally, in 2016 Ted was awarded with the prestigious Ministry Ovation Award.

In 2018, Peterborough hosted the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships where Ted played a major role in hosting the Games and even in the most stressful times, kept everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.  That was Ted’s greatest gift; his sense of humour.  Anyone who ever crossed paths with Ted was immediately drawn to his wit and kindness and he was just one of those guys you simply don’t forget when or where you met him.  He was that special.

In September of 2019, Ted attended the International Law Enforcement Torch Run Conference in Aurora, Colorado and rode his prized possession, his Harley Davidson down to Colorado with a handful of his closest LETR friends.  During the Conference, Ted was 1 of 38 members worldwide who was selected to carry the Guardians of the Flame Miners Lamp into the Opening Ceremony to begin the conference.  Ted told numerous people that was the proudest moment he ever had in over 30 years of the Torch Run.

Ted was well known for being a great story teller, an awesome listener and mostly for his sense of humour and one-liners (which are legendary!).  Ted was authentic, genuine, one-of-a-kind, loved by all and he loved every single Special Olympics athlete he ever met.  Speaking to a group of LETR members Ted once said “I could never give back to Special Olympics what Special Olympics has given to me.”


Rest in Peace, Ted.  We will never forget you.