Jenna Kenney, Ministry of the Solicitor General

Jenna Kenney’s Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) journey began two years ago when she met fellow LETR volunteer, Tijana Lakovic, who introduced her to the organization. I had such a great experience meeting other people throughout different law enforcement agencies, and participating in a rewarding experience for both myself and others that I was eager to get myself involved in other opportunities,” said Jenna. After being introduced to LETR’s different fundraising initiatives, Jenna eagerly took on the responsibility of being the LETR representative for the Brockville Jail and St. Lawrence Valley Correctional Centre 

Since getting involved with LETR, Jenna has been a driving force behind the Special Olympics movement. “I have maintained my involvement in LETR because it has been such an amazing experience that has allowed me to meet so many positive people who demonstrate selflessness and personify everything that is good about the law enforcement community,” said Jenna. Seeing the law enforcement community come together to push for positive change has been an extremely rewarding experience for Jenna. “I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow law enforcement sisters and brothers for using out platform that we have in the community to encourage and support participation in Special Olympics.” 

Through her involvement, Jenna has not only formed new relationships but also, found her support system through LETR and Special Olympics. “Special Olympics is such a positive, inclusive organization that creates such a profound impact on lives of all those involved, whether it be an athlete or sponsor, coming together no matter which life path you walk down to support one another, Jenna expressed.  

Similar to how Jenna got her start with LETR, she regularly encourages her colleagues and other members within the law enforcement community to get involved. “Others should get involved with LETR because of how amazing the organization is – they shine a very positive light on the law enforcement community and most of all, have positive effects on the athletes lives.”   

We are so thankful to have Jenna on the LETR team. Her efforts do not go unnoticed and continue to benefit all 26,000 athletes across Ontario. Thank you, Jenna!