Constable Randall Arsenault, Toronto Police Service

Constable Randall Arsenault of the Toronto Police Service got his start with Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) this past year! “Admittedly, I’ve heard about LETR for many years, however, I never got involved on a personal level,” said Randall. When the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to Canada, Randall saw the loss of programming Special Olympics athletes faced and how they were impacted by the shutdowns. Randall noted, “It wasn’t until COVID-19 hit and I saw first-hand the negative impact it had on hundreds of people I come across in the community who benefit from Special Olympics programs without my knowledge.” From there on out, he knew he had to get involved. “I was quite touched and knew that given the next opportunity, I would certainly assist in any way I could,” said Randall. “The Polar Plunge was the perfect opportunity!”  

After completing his Polar Plunge alongside other members of the Toronto Police Service, Randall knew LETR would be something he would stay involved with for years to come. “It was fun seeing all the unique plunges people came up with as a way to bring awareness and raise funds for Special Olympics,” said Randall. “Also, challenging others was a fun way to take things up a notch!” It may have been Randall’s first Polar Plunge but, it was a huge success! Not only did he bring awareness to both LETR and Special Olympics Ontario (SOO), Randall also managed to bring in $7,070 in donations through his creative plunge! Way to go, Randall! 

Now that he’s experienced what LETR and SOO are all about, Randall encourages fellow members of law enforcement to get involved. “Knowing that you are raising funds which directly assist the enrichment of the lives of others is extremely rewarding,” Randall expressed. “In these times of uncertainty, it’s important for us as human beings to find meaning and satisfaction while knowing you’re making a difference. Getting involved with Special Olympics provided me that opportunity and I’m extremely grateful.”  

Thank you, Constable Arsenault, for your hard work and dedication in respect to the Special Olympics movement and LETR. We are honoured to have you on our team and can’t wait to work alongside you once again!