Constable Jim Chauvin, Ontario Provincial Police

Jim Chauvin’s first Torch Run was in 2000 and after meeting some of the athletes he was supporting at the event, he was hooked.  “From there, I was asked to be the LETR representative for our town, and I haven’t looked back since!”  Chauvin has gone on to hold a role on the Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run (OLETR) Operations Committee as well as filling the Zone Coordinator role representing the OLETR program in his area.

For Chauvin it is his Law Enforcement colleagues from across the province as well as the inspiration from the athletes that keeps him coming back.  “I get to work with great people in the Law Enforcement community and on top of that, we get to watch the athletes of Special Olympics glow when given these opportunities.  Special Olympics to me is about inclusion, it gives the athletes the opportunity to meet others from around the world and make life long friendships with other athletes and Law Enforcement members.  It gives the athletes a chance to stay active and be a part of something special.”

His passion for the movement has brought along many others to support OLETR and Special Olympics over the years.  When talking to him, it isn’t hard to see why.  “I've always believed in giving back to your community.  With LETR you get more than that.  You get the opportunity to meet other people who have a passion to make our athletes’ lives better.  You have the chance to make a difference in the athletes’ lives and possibly create close friendships with them.  You have the ability to work with other community partners to spread the word about the LETR movement.”

In recognition of his work and dedication to OLETR and Special Olympics, Chauvin was awarded with the Award of Honour in 2015 at the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Conference.  The Award of Honour is presented to Law Enforcement personnel and corporate sponsors who achieve a minimum of five years involvement with the Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics as fundraisers and/or organizers who have made an exemplary commitment.

Chauvin lights up as he gets to talk about his favourite moments involved in OLETR and Special Olympics.  He lists many, but lands on the always amazing Opening Ceremonies and getting to run in to the arena with ‘Flame of Hope.’  “Seeing the pure excitement from the athletes, coaches and parents realizing they are going to participate in these amazing Games, it will always stick with me.”