Corrections Week Spotlight: Barb Boudreau

Name: Barbara Britton Boudreau
Service/Agency: Ministry of Solicitor General – Correctional Services
Rank/Title: Sergeant
Years with LETR: 19

How did you first get involved with LETR?
I first got involved with LETR through participating in the LETR torch runs.

What has kept you involved in LETR to this day?
The thing that keeps me involved is being part of something bigger than myself while promoting acceptance and inclusion in the communities.

What does Special Olympics mean to you?
Special Olympics to me means enriching the lives of people with intellectual disabilities while opening our hearts and minds to create inclusive communities.
The happiness, fulfilment and confidence found through playing Special Olympic activities extends to their daily lives…. including mine as well.

What is your favourite memory (or memories) during your involvement with LETR/SO?
My favourite memory through LETR Is crossing the finish line of the Guardians of the flame half marathon run together with my friend and Special Olympics athlete Maddie!

Why should others get involved with the LETR?
I believe people should be involved with LETR to help promote awareness, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of the wonderful Special Olympic athletes.