A/Sgt Jeff Zuback, Thunder Bay Jail

A/Sgt Jeff Zuback first got involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) seven years ago during his first year in corrections. It only took this one event for Jeff to become “hooked.” Jeff has since spent his time participating in multiple events, including the famous Polar Plunge and the Police Serving You program (in collaboration with Boston Pizza). Jeff’s contributions continue to make a major impact on Special Olympics programs across the province.  

Special Olympics can be described in so many ways: inclusive, motivating, exciting. Jeff sums it up with one perfect word: “empowering.” He goes on to say that it is through providing sport, opportunity and inclusion, that Special Olympics can change a person’s life while also providing them with long-lasting memories. The power of athletics that Jeff speaks of does not just include the profound impact on the athletes themselves, but those who volunteer their time to coach and participate in events. This impact immediately resonated with Jeff. As the parent of a child with Autism, Jeff said “After seeing first-hand the impact that thousands of volunteers have made with their dedication and commitment to people with intellectual abilities, I couldn’t help myself.” It is this difference that continues to bring Jeff back to these events.  

To this day, Jeff’s favourite memory is still his first LETR event.  When reflecting on his very first Torch Run, Jeff said, “as we ran into the gymnasium delivering the torch, I’ll never forget the faces and the smiles I saw on so many athletes’ faces! I felt that I was part of that and it will stick with me forever!” We are so grateful for Jeff’s commitment to LETR and helping to provide an inclusive space for athletes to learn new skills. We encourage all those to get involved with this program; in the words of Jeff, “you’d be part of something so powerful.”